About the Photographer

Dan Brooks spent most of his adult life as a tropical biodiversity specialist. He is Professor Emeritus of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology of the University of Toronto and Adjunct Research Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Fellow of the Linnaean Society of London, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (Academy of Sciences), and has received honorary doctoral degrees from Stockholm University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His studies of evolution and ecology at the interface of biodiversity, climate change and emerging parasitic disease have led him to fieldwork extensively throughout Latin America, and teaching and lecturing in more than 20 countries on 5 continents. He has published more than 350 scientific articles, including a dozen books.At the bottom of this text there are links to a number of Dan’s technical writings.

Throughout the 40 years of his scientific career, Dan was drawn increasingly to trying to capture photographically the emotion of the places he has visited – wildlands, agro-scapes and urban-scapes. All those places talk to themselves and sometimes allow him to eavesdrop on their conversations. He feels you have to approach all places – the wildlands and the urban-scapes – with a profound respect for what they represent, years – sometimes millions of years – of trial and error, of hanging on in good times and bad, of the sheer will to survive. And an appreciation of the grand exuberance of creativity evident in interactions of humans and non-humans with their surroundings. Dan tries to capture both the beauty and the emotion of each of these places, what he thinks each place means to itself and what it meant to him as a recording witness of each place and time. Dan has also collaborated with a biologist-poet, Jack Maze, to produce a trilogy of books of poems and photos celebrating life from the perspective of two field biologists (see links below).

Dan’s photography also draws on his experience growing up with two blind brothers, helping to be their eyes. His homage to that legacy is My Brothers’ Eyes: How My Blind Brothers Taught Me To See (see link below)

This site contains galleries of photos for your enjoyment, and for sale if you would like to have a print for yourself. These prints can be ordered online and will be printed and shipped anywhere inside the United States. Prints can be shipped outside the US for an additional handling charge. A number of limited print-run photos can be found in the Premium Gallery – for information about purchasing one of these, please contact Dan at dnlbrooks@gmail.com for personalized service.

This site also contains a photo and text blog of Dan’s experiences as he moves around the world, literally and figuratively. Photos that appear in blog entries are also available for sale – once again, contact Dan at dnlbrooks@gmail.com.

Finally, if you enjoy some of the photos in Dan’s galleries, but would rather have your own versions, consider joining Dan on his excursions, which will be announced on the blog; you can contact Dan at dnlbrooks@gmail.com for more information.


Technical writings about evolution, biodiversity, climate change, emerging diseases:
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